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And then caves near Los Angeles movers the window plus a little spinner stun awesome and next let’s take a look at this keepsake box here this is really awesome because there’s a little hole right here that allows you to use the key in the lock inside to lock all of your most precious things and inside we have some stickers look we have Belle Rapunzel Cinderella Snow White and Ariel.

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It’s pink that might even be glittery that would be really cool and we can write beauty and beast and the ink is pink and it has Clay sparkles all over it isn’t that awesome and then let me grab a mouse sticker we will stick her right here she’s holding a book and waiting for the Beast here’s a little log let’s lock it this way and you just push up and it snaps together and you get two keys so that in case you lose one you still have the other one awesome let’s open up some surprises.

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Eyes Mary thank you fool Houston movers now some questions about your family is that okay yes it’s okay have you got any brothers yes I’ve got three brothers two are older than me and one is younger that’s a big family I like big families five what about sisters how many sisters have you got four there are a lot of people in our house part three look at the pictures what did Paul do last week listen and look there is one example hello Paul did you have a good week yes grandma.

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And I was right that my china cabinet arrives in perfect condition I hope I will never have to move but if I do hello my name is Justin I recently used the prom – my relocation in Italy I could not be happening to the service I would sleep the guys were professional courteous and fast my furniture arrived without a scratch including my daughter’s yeah thank.

You a prom hi my name is Beverly and lose the West liquid values and we use the ATLA prom our movers are highly trained in an ongoing training system that we have spent many years developing our foreman are required to complete a total of hours of moving experience and they must exhibit exceptional supervisory skills before they can take charge of a moving.

crew the movers go through an extensive in-house training before getting on-the-job experience we are dedicated to providing the best service available anywhere our promise for the future is that pronto moving will be the best professional mover in the world in the eyes of our most demanding critics our customers the prom strives to anticipate all of our customers.

needs and to exceed all of their expectations in order to provide the highest quality most worry free move in the industry it’s true for us you’re number one and we’re not afraid to prove it call us today and become part of thousands of satisfied customers the scaleless stare cat stair climbing forklift is the perfect choice for moving safes of all sizes weighing up to , pounds the forks lift up to inches allowing you.