Ten Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Reverse Vasectomy

Not just going to a vasectomy reversal factory where everybody that walks in that has a vasectomy gets a reversal in our good medicine not what you should do you should go to somebody that can counsel you and really give you the best possible procedure and best possible outcome Diagnostics to get what you truly came into that office for which is a pregnancy alright so now we’re getting into preparation what does a guy got to do to get into the operating room and have as best an outcome as possible so if you smoke stop it’s terrible it’s terrible for sperm is terrible for babies/p>

It’s terrible for everything and that is your public service announcement on quitting smoking don’t do it if you exercise keep doing it I love it I’m going to get questions about is it okay for my husband to keep riding his bicycle for the most part bicycles and fertility are fine unless you’re riding miles a day or miles a week and you’re developing saddle numbness and difficulties achieving directions from penile numbness for the most part most of us recreational cyclists can keep on doing that keep exercising if you don’t start pretty easy it’s good for us right.

If you take any blood thinners it does increase the complication rate so I like to have my men stop about a week ahead of time especially some of the newer agents that are anti platelet blood thinners those are harder to test for it does make the procedure a little bit more conflict complex complicated and increases your risk of post-operative complications all right we actually got to the end of this webinar I’d be delighted to answer questions again hashtag UCLA MD chat for questions and for appointments to see one of the specialists at the men’s clinic the phone number is down here below to call his sperm banking an option before vasectomy absolutely highly recommend it if there’s if there’s even a shred of doubt it’s a peace of mind and it will save you money in the long run so another questions come up recently and this actually went to went to bed and then came back.

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The Secret of reverse vasectomy

Tube here the other vasectomy reversal important gland I want to point out has this gland that looks like a little sea called the epidermis and the defer ens is really merely a continuation of the epidermis the other way to look at it is the epidermis is a finely coiled tube the diameter of the tubules of the epidermis is somewhere around a third of a millimeter as the epidermis stretches.

out into the vs defer ens the diameter of the inside of the vs defer ens is somewhere around in millimeters so you know that we’re going to be discussing operating under a surgical microscope to even consider putting things these structures back together appropriately and adequately so epidermis is then attached to the testicle and the sperm essentially made.

in the testicle and then through a series of ducts these little very very very small tubes is what is how the sperm get from the testicle into the epidermis and eventually along that tube all the way up into the the urethra and the ejaculatory duct do they meet somebody who knocks them off their feet and she in fact what skids and so they come see me so prior paternity is important if he hasn’t had children my workup and evaluation is slightly different I want to know how healthy.

The man is not only from what I think I might find impairments in sperm production but also just as general health and if there’s any way I can intervene to make him healthier that’s probably going to make his sperm healthier as well and ultimately that’s what I’m doing I’m doctoring both the man and his sperm I want to know what medications he’s taking because there are a few that have a significant impact on sperm production so if you tuned in for my last webinar in male fertility we had a little discussion about testosterone therapy which is becoming increasingly more common and sperm production and it essentially completely shuts.