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And then caves near Los Angeles movers the window plus a little spinner stun awesome and next let’s take a look at this keepsake box here this is really awesome because there’s a little hole right here that allows you to use the key in the lock inside to lock all of your most precious things and inside we have some stickers look we have Belle Rapunzel Cinderella Snow White and Ariel.

And it says dare to believe royal bestirs and then here’s a little booklet that you can use for your journal oh my goodness and in the background we have Belle Rapunzel and Cinderella the pages are super pretty too and then we have a pen a pen along with a rock and some key so here’s the lock and the key and we can insert the key and unlock this and it pops right up super awesome we’ll set this aside and use in just a bit and then let’s test out this pin to see what color it is I think.

It’s pink that might even be glittery that would be really cool and we can write beauty and beast and the ink is pink and it has Clay sparkles all over it isn’t that awesome and then let me grab a mouse sticker we will stick her right here she’s holding a book and waiting for the Beast here’s a little log let’s lock it this way and you just push up and it snaps together and you get two keys so that in case you lose one you still have the other one awesome let’s open up some surprises.

Now let’s get this whisker havens going bag and let’s see who you have inside we have truffles super awesome I think I have five truffles now lots and lots of duplicates for truffles she’s super popular and then yeah let’s get a fashion a Disney Princess fashion and let’s see if you might be able to find that what do you think that would be super awesome if you found out let’s see who.