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Expensive Tucson air conditioning repair bill you now have as a lifetime warranty on the compressor year warranty on the coil so and I think that’s probably a pretty good length of warranty something’s gonna go wrong that time so thanks for watching if you have any questions or like me to check anything specific leave a comment down below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible thanks for watching a Blue Ridge ductless mini-split is one of the most efficient.

ways to heat and cool your home they’re a perfect choice for additions garages or rooms where duct work isn’t available mini splits are energy efficient quiet and easy to install the mini split is comprised of two units the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser the components are connected by copper tubing which allows a necessary refrigerant to circulate a handheld remote gives you thermostatic control over the system before you begin installation make sure you have all the parts you need according to the installation manual inspect the various.

components to ensure there are no defects before installation work begins you can complete the majority of the installation yourself however the last of the work should be completed by a trained professional proper installation is crucial to achieving maximum performance and energy savings the unit can produce it’s essential to carefully read the Blue Ridge owner’s manual paying particular attention to safety precautions and procedures before you start ensure you have the right tools for the job standard tools needed include the following adjustable wrench torque.

wrench hex keys or Allen wrenches a drill and drill bits a hole saw a utility knife a wire cutter and stripper Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers a level safety glasses and work gloves your professional installer should bring the rest of the required tools including manifold gauges.

vacuum pump flaring tool and a dry nitrogen tank with regulator to begin installation choose a spot on the wall surface where you’d like the unit to be secured location should be free of obstructions near the air inlet and outlet and should be at least six feet from the floor refer to the manual for more tips on choosing a location remove the wall bracket from the back.

Ten Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Reverse Vasectomy

Not just going to a vasectomy reversal factory where everybody that walks in that has a vasectomy gets a reversal in our good medicine not what you should do you should go to somebody that can counsel you and really give you the best possible procedure and best possible outcome Diagnostics to get what you truly came into that office for which is a pregnancy alright so now we’re getting into preparation what does a guy got to do to get into the operating room and have as best an outcome as possible so if you smoke stop it’s terrible it’s terrible for sperm is terrible for babies/p>

It’s terrible for everything and that is your public service announcement on quitting smoking don’t do it if you exercise keep doing it I love it I’m going to get questions about is it okay for my husband to keep riding his bicycle for the most part bicycles and fertility are fine unless you’re riding miles a day or miles a week and you’re developing saddle numbness and difficulties achieving directions from penile numbness for the most part most of us recreational cyclists can keep on doing that keep exercising if you don’t start pretty easy it’s good for us right.

If you take any blood thinners it does increase the complication rate so I like to have my men stop about a week ahead of time especially some of the newer agents that are anti platelet blood thinners those are harder to test for it does make the procedure a little bit more conflict complex complicated and increases your risk of post-operative complications all right we actually got to the end of this webinar I’d be delighted to answer questions again hashtag UCLA MD chat for questions and for appointments to see one of the specialists at the men’s clinic the phone number is down here below to call his sperm banking an option before vasectomy absolutely highly recommend it if there’s if there’s even a shred of doubt it’s a peace of mind and it will save you money in the long run so another questions come up recently and this actually went to went to bed and then came back.

How Los Angeles Movers Can Increase Your Profit!

And then caves near Los Angeles movers the window plus a little spinner stun awesome and next let’s take a look at this keepsake box here this is really awesome because there’s a little hole right here that allows you to use the key in the lock inside to lock all of your most precious things and inside we have some stickers look we have Belle Rapunzel Cinderella Snow White and Ariel.

And it says dare to believe royal bestirs and then here’s a little booklet that you can use for your journal oh my goodness and in the background we have Belle Rapunzel and Cinderella the pages are super pretty too and then we have a pen a pen along with a rock and some key so here’s the lock and the key and we can insert the key and unlock this and it pops right up super awesome we’ll set this aside and use in just a bit and then let’s test out this pin to see what color it is I think.

It’s pink that might even be glittery that would be really cool and we can write beauty and beast and the ink is pink and it has Clay sparkles all over it isn’t that awesome and then let me grab a mouse sticker we will stick her right here she’s holding a book and waiting for the Beast here’s a little log let’s lock it this way and you just push up and it snaps together and you get two keys so that in case you lose one you still have the other one awesome let’s open up some surprises.

Now let’s get this whisker havens going bag and let’s see who you have inside we have truffles super awesome I think I have five truffles now lots and lots of duplicates for truffles she’s super popular and then yeah let’s get a fashion a Disney Princess fashion and let’s see if you might be able to find that what do you think that would be super awesome if you found out let’s see who.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Houston Movers

Eyes Mary thank you fool Houston movers now some questions about your family is that okay yes it’s okay have you got any brothers yes I’ve got three brothers two are older than me and one is younger that’s a big family I like big families five what about sisters how many sisters have you got four there are a lot of people in our house part three look at the pictures what did Paul do last week listen and look there is one example hello Paul did you have a good week yes grandma.

I played a lot of sports what did you do on Tuesday on Tuesday I played hockey at school great can you see the line from the word Tuesday on Tuesday Paul played hockey at school now you listen and draw lines one what did you do on Thursday it rained that day I watched basketball on Thursday at school no I didn’t go to school that day I watched it on TV with dad it was an exciting game – I sometimes go swimming on Friday but not last week it was my friend’s birthday Oh what did you do.

we went to the cinema to see a film about someone who lived on an island three and what did you do on Wednesday I went to the pool I was there all afternoon was it nice and sunny there yes it was a very hot day it was great there for and on Saturday it was basketball again at school with all my friends yes was it a good game yes it was we all enjoyed it five what did you do on Sunday I read a book that dad gave me on my birthday what was it about all about different sports I want to be a sports teacher one day grandma great idea now listen to part three again one what did you do on Thursday it rained.

Quick Tips Regarding Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

was already well out in Tucson domestic violence lawyer front they viewed that round win in the previous match up now though we’ve got Jeff bogey over the right side in his Carom and a good size both division powers it looks like left lane left one was able to apply the power as soon as Jeff over the right side hit the throttle the car drifted off to the right-hand side Jeff did a great job though managing.

It well and not too excited just ran out of real estate to finish them off and the top side it is the left lane moving on to round number three lay what on the life – Jared come around of knowing that it’ll be the right leg that gets the round win in this second round of the small-tire category I do believe that it’s going to end in fourth that way ever making just a nice move down

Through there and oh they’ll be back for the semifinal round I believe semifinal or final round in the front-wheel-drive category and again winner also thank red performance along with garage built racing for sponsoring this evenings event laughter I would not consider the burnout processes that they were looking for it is the right lane that is getting the round wind check around to the Pindar category the topless Corvette is car is absolutely going to work at the starting line holy smokes that six cylinders get out of here in a hurry Dave is moving on that’s turbo Dave.

The left lane buzzing half dozen ride going to the next round in the big tired category taking a look back here in safety late there is some work going on on the topless for bit so a little bit of trauma building back that looks like they’re taking out nitro us pipes but in the meantime we’ve got the final on the starting line and castes one left right had to raise a sheet I was able to get into second gears first was the right side able to get around him go find out.

Things You Must Know About Los Angeles movers

And I was right that my china cabinet arrives in perfect condition I hope I will never have to move but if I do hello my name is Justin I recently used the prom – my relocation in Italy I could not be happening to the service I would sleep the guys were professional courteous and fast my furniture arrived without a scratch including my daughter’s yeah thank.

You a prom hi my name is Beverly and lose the West liquid values and we use the ATLA prom our movers are highly trained in an ongoing training system that we have spent many years developing our foreman are required to complete a total of hours of moving experience and they must exhibit exceptional supervisory skills before they can take charge of a moving.

crew the movers go through an extensive in-house training before getting on-the-job experience we are dedicated to providing the best service available anywhere our promise for the future is that pronto moving will be the best professional mover in the world in the eyes of our most demanding critics our customers the prom strives to anticipate all of our customers.

needs and to exceed all of their expectations in order to provide the highest quality most worry free move in the industry it’s true for us you’re number one and we’re not afraid to prove it call us today and become part of thousands of satisfied customers the scaleless stare cat stair climbing forklift is the perfect choice for moving safes of all sizes weighing up to , pounds the forks lift up to inches allowing you.

The Secret of reverse vasectomy

Tube here the other vasectomy reversal important gland I want to point out has this gland that looks like a little sea called the epidermis and the defer ens is really merely a continuation of the epidermis the other way to look at it is the epidermis is a finely coiled tube the diameter of the tubules of the epidermis is somewhere around a third of a millimeter as the epidermis stretches.

out into the vs defer ens the diameter of the inside of the vs defer ens is somewhere around in millimeters so you know that we’re going to be discussing operating under a surgical microscope to even consider putting things these structures back together appropriately and adequately so epidermis is then attached to the testicle and the sperm essentially made.

in the testicle and then through a series of ducts these little very very very small tubes is what is how the sperm get from the testicle into the epidermis and eventually along that tube all the way up into the the urethra and the ejaculatory duct do they meet somebody who knocks them off their feet and she in fact what skids and so they come see me so prior paternity is important if he hasn’t had children my workup and evaluation is slightly different I want to know how healthy.

The man is not only from what I think I might find impairments in sperm production but also just as general health and if there’s any way I can intervene to make him healthier that’s probably going to make his sperm healthier as well and ultimately that’s what I’m doing I’m doctoring both the man and his sperm I want to know what medications he’s taking because there are a few that have a significant impact on sperm production so if you tuned in for my last webinar in male fertility we had a little discussion about testosterone therapy which is becoming increasingly more common and sperm production and it essentially completely shuts.

Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tucson Ac Repair

That connector down there looks good and then that goes into the compressor so that concludes our leak detecting with the UV light and the only leak we found was at the compressor we have a pretty big leak down there and it’s very obvious which is good because sometimes leaks are hard to find so that’s how you search for leaks.

yourself using refrigerant with UV dye in it hopefully this video is helpful was remember to give it a thumbs up also if you’re not subscribed consider subscribing up on the screen are going to be other videos that are related to the air conditioning system you can click on the screen or you can find those video links in the description below again in the description is the link to the kit that I used that helped me fill the refrigerant and also find the leak.

The top tip for this Tucson ac repair video is after you disconnect your adapter here there might be some pressure left in this line so you might get the UV dye spraying around a little bit that’s why you wear your glasses if the UV dye sprays around here you might get false readings and think there’s a leak somewhere you can see the UV dye sprayed there it sprayed there and some UV dye sprayed down on there so you might think that there’s a leak there but in reality there’s no leak it just got dirty so make sure you clean off the area before you go searching around with that UV light.

Truth About Tucson Ac Repair Is About To Be Revealed

bathroom and change the Tucson air conditioning capacitor upstairs the impression that I got listening in was that the capacitors were bad and need to be replaced and that’s when I took out of it oh yeah well that’s not necessarily what I meant I made more that they’re old the rusted they should be I just wanted to ask you about it that sounds like it would make sense to your average consumer.

but our experts said rust on the capacitor doesn’t mean anything is wrong did we get our money I don’t think you did mainly because the capacitors were operationally fine remember most homeowners don’t have experts in the upstairs bedroom Jenny could have been out almost $ next we did something else we wanted to know what would happen if we did something to the system that should be very easy to fix repairman be able to diagnose a simple problem so the expert pulled out these fuses.

by just an inch cutting all power to the system will be running he says any credible technician should be able to find the problem and push the fuses back in will Raphael from George Brasil air conditioning figure it out bingo she’s the problem and fixes it on top of that now that he knows it was just a loose fuse he tells Jenny her system is fine even the old unit and listen to this so how much do I owe you Oh Raphael I bet that’s not I was like no way are you sure yes.

job well done by Raphael coming up with our other repair men do as well what is this man you guys trying to test us here actually I am see here’s something that you need to know we had that system tested at the fuse and coming up the only thing wrong with Jenny’s older air conditioning unit was these loose fusions we know that because we deliberately pulled them out cutting off power that will slip down the compressor so what was